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The Prince of Egypt (1998) - The 10 Plagues Scene (6/10) - Movieclips

This is nothing unusual when speaking of them [the Jews], because they even denied what is said in the [Islamic] holy scriptures!! He attacked the program, but ignored the fact that at issue was scientific literature based on legitimate history. He continued by accusing the Egyptian leadership of disseminating hatred against the Jews This despicable Friedman did not find a weapon to wave in the face of Egyptian and Arab thought except the weapon of extortion and terror based on the charge of antisemitism…" [8].

Al-Akhbar columnist Sanaa Fath Allah was angry that "the American Congress did not oppose the play Mama America [a Muhammad Subhi play against American rule and hegemony in the world, in which the Statue of Liberty is smashed] but is now opposed [to the 'A Knight Without a Horse' series] because [it focuses] on the history of the Jews…". Fath Allah praised Subhi and expressed her hopes that the Jihad would continue in every possible way. In her words, "We need an artist like Subhi… Blessings on the 'eye-opening' series.

Interviews with the Series Producer In an interview producer Muhammad Subhi told the Egyptian opposition weekly Al-Usbou' : "The series tells part of our history in the Arab region, and what the Jews did… This work is unconnected to the Jewish religion and it does not encourage bloodshed and killing.

The truth is that the series condemns terror… My message to the world is that the Islamic religion prohibits killing innocents, women, and children, but does not prevent us from waging Jihad and fighting to regain the land…" [10]. In an interview with the Egyptian government daily Al Gumhouriya , Subhi added, "The series has no connection to semitism, and it does not concern any religion. The censorship committees viewed it more than once, and approved it; they even praised it, which is happening for the first time in 20 years. I do not know why they fear a series from which the censor did not delete a single scene… If they claim that the series is antisemitic and supports terror… what is their response to the clerics among them who curse Islam?

I found that the memoirs of Hafez Najib [on which the series is based] are fertile ground for a work that will expose these protocols… They [the Jews] cannot accept any criticism, especially if it is from an Arab. They realize that discussion of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion will expose their true racist face, their expansionist intentions, and their objection to any peace.

The Palestinians: Watching the Program is a Pan-Arab Duty There was criticism of the series in Palestinian circles, but it focused on how the Arab media provided the Arab regimes with a way to pretend to support the Palestinian struggle while in fact doing something. The editor of the Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida , Hafez Al-Barghouti , wrote: "… The series came as an attempt to anesthetize, or to sigh in relief, because the repressed Arab citizen, prohibited from expressing solidarity with the slaughtered Palestinians, will feel that he is fulfilling his pan-Arab duty by sacrificing an hour a day to watching the small screen, and can relax because his turn has not yet come to be slaughtered, according to Washington's time - and that of its Arab suburbs, the Arab capitals are [also] in line for slaughter…" [13].

It begins with the story of a kidnapping of a 5 year-old child in Cairo in by the Turkish pasha, who keeps the boy in his home despite his wife's and daughter's objections [since his wife gave birth only to girls].

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The kidnapped boy, Hafez Nagib , is the person on whose later memoirs the series is based. Skip to main content. On November 6th, , some Arab television channels aired the first segment of a part serial called "A Knight Without a Horse," which is based on 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The program's script writer claimed that Jews from Aleppo had given him a document that no one had ever heard of before… [it said that] during the s, after the fall of the Arab kingdom and the shattering of the dream of Arab unity, a meeting of representatives from all the Arabic speaking regions was held in Aleppo, in response to the cruel imperialistic attack to examine how to regain Arab control of the world…" "…According to the Israeli series, within 80 years, the Arabs succeeded in encouraging emigration and forcing themselves on European society, while placing ministers into the French governments and members of parliament in the other European countries, and forcing countries such as France to respect Arab sentiment and adopt an Arab policy…" "The Lebanese representative sent to the Aleppo meeting was a farmer, because the Lebanese elite at that time was preoccupied with Francophone matters.

This book always served fascist, racist, and antisemitic regimes, for stepping up persecution of the Jews - with a more disastrous result for the Arabs than for the Jews, as it turned into a political and historic argument supporting the idea of a 'national homeland for the Jews' and the establishment of [the State of] Israel…" "For months, people with awareness in Egypt have been talking about this project. Some say that the main support for Muhammad Subhi's project came from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein personally - as if the damage he has caused the Arabs was not sufficient and he is now setting a trap for Egypt, its artists, and its reputation in the world…" [7] Egyptian Government Press: The Series is Based on "Legitimate History" The Egyptian press endorsed the opposite approach.

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